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  After much thought on the matter, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of this site is teaching, and making knowledge available through links to other teaching/information sites. I feel that this must be accomplished on this site in a user-friendly, plain and simple way. There are so many artistic, beautifully designed sites out there, that I wanted this one to be a no-frills operation, with information easily accessed, without having to jump through a lot of technical “hoops” to get to it. I feel that I have achieved my goal. New information will be published as it becomes available, as fast as my old arthritic fingers can put it on here. I hope you like this simple little site, and can benefit from the information it contains. I did not make it interactive, because neither I, nor you, want to waste time with trolls. There we go, short and sweet. Have a good time. Praise Yahweh.                          Pastor Steve

June 14, 2017 – All Word For Word Shows are current to date.

May 17, 2017    I have added the link to The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion to the links page. People need to be able to read the plans of the seedline of the serpent people for themselves. This is an information site, and this is pertinent information that my Israelite brothers and sisters need to have easily available. Thus, I have added the link.

Pastor Steve’ Survival Tips #1

Greetings fellow Israelites,                                                                                                                                                                              Unfortunately, we have truly run short on time, and with the increasing violence directed toward our race, we must now face the fact that we are entering the first stages of the Tribulation. What this means for us as a people is that we cannot put off our preparations for surviving this prophesied stage of Yahweh’s Grand Plan. Our first priority is, of course, spiritual preparation of our families. But also, simultaneously, we must prepare them physically as well for the hardships looming in the future.     Let’s get right to the meat of the  matter –                                                                                                                                                                                                                                1. Weather – Family members must be warm in cold weather, and must have proper protective clothing, sleep gear, and shelter from the elements. Army surplus stores have a number of good things for this need. Field jackets, with liners; ponchos, with liners; sleeping gear for various seasonal needs; boots; packs; medical bags; hats; lots of good stuff. Wet weather gear is a must. Don’t try to buy cheap, as it won’t hold up. Get the best, as you will need it.                                                                                                                                                                        2. Clothing – You can’t wear heavy clothing when it is a sweltering day. You will get heatstroke, and that can be fatal. You will need hot weather gear, and moderate weather gear also. As we may be “on the run” at times, camoflage is very important. Bright civilian clothing will get you spotted, and killed quickly. You won’t need a suit and tie during the trib. Sturdy footwear is a must, and you will need several sets. If you wear the same footwear all the time, it will rot off of your feet, and cause foot problems as well. The gear needs to “breathe”, and another pair of boots must be worn while the first pair dries out. You will need lots of socks. Dry socks will help you keep your feet healthy. Bad foot infections will put you down. If you go down, those with you must halt also to take care of you. That increases their risk. You must remain mobile to survive.                                                                                                                                                                                3. Water – In Revelations, it speaks of the streams and rivers being changed to blood, and/or poisoned. You can’t dip a cup in them today, and just drink it safely. There is so much nasty stuff dumped into them now that they are already poisoned. You must have some kind of water purification equipment with you. Yes, you can boil to kill germs, but it won’t eliminate the chemical toxins they have dumped in. Finding a clean water source in your area is a must. Do it before all hell breaks loose. Be prepared NOW.                                                         4. Food – For immediate survival, while moving quickly to leave a dangerous area, trail food is a must. It is not a meal, but will give you needed energy quickly. Energy bars are cheap, and have a long shelf life. They have bright wrappers, so you must bury them, or carry them, as they would be a shiny trail leading right to your location. Low profile is critical to survival. Be sneaky. Long term food requires planning, and taking it with you is a problem. I will cover that in a bit.                                                                                                                    5. Shelter – A tent is shelter, BUT – most people buy cheap tents. The trib will last for some time, and the tent must be sturdy enough to last for several years, not months. This is not a family vacation outing, it is survival. It won’t be “fun”. Children are in need of protection, and if they don’t get it, they won’t make it. As an adult, you may “tough it out”, but they can’t. Don’t buy a cheap tent. Don’t buy an overly complicated one either, as putting it up, and taking it down must be done quickly at times. Practice this procedure with your family until they all know how to do it quickly. Buy some backup camo tarps, and lots of parachute cord. Paracord is even available at WalMart. They also have lots of survival stuff. Yes, I know we all hate it, but it is what it is.                                                                                                              6. Cooking – Aluminum cookware is toxic. We already have problems from aluminum stuff, like foil. DON’T USE IT! Stainless steel is the answer, or cast-iron. You will need to put together a transportable field kitchen. SMALL fires only. No bonfires. They give your location away instantly. No fires for heat. Dress warmer. When you are finished cooking, put the fire out. I am not joking.                                            7. Sanitation – You will need to dig a latrine at each campsite. You will need a lot of toilet paper. You will need to fill it in, and camoflage it when you leave. No garbage at the campsite. Make it look as if you were never there.                                                                                             8. Medical – You must have a personal med-kit for each member of your party. Those with special needs must stock up now for the future. We are not military, and will not get “resupplied” as they do. While on the move, during the trib, you must scrounge all you can of usable supplies, even if you have plenty. They will be valuable trade items to others in need. Plan ahead. Toilet paper will be as gold in the future. Think about that.                                                                                                                                                                                                             9. Fire – Fires must always be small. You will need firestarting material, and carrying dry tinder with you is a must, especially in wet weather. Large logs smoke a lot. Really small sticks don’t. Practice laying a fire, and starting it. BIC lighters are fine, but will run out quickly. Magnesium and steel firestarting kits are a must. Learn how to use one, Practice now, not later. 

I will continue in my next installment covering methods of transporting all these things.  Look on this site for Tips #2.                                             May Yahweh Bless and Keep You.                             Pastor Steve

Fighting Smart

   I have been in “The Movement” for a long time. I have seen many “leaders” come and go. Unfortunately, “The Movement” has not learned from its many past mistakes, and goes on repeating them with each new”leader”.            The biggest problem with these “leaders” is their constant self promotion. They want to be seen, and heard, and famous, above all else. They almost never do a reality check, or update their tactics. What worked in times past does not work now. “Leading” a bunch of well-meaning white folk to a slaughter has never worked. The enemy has the full support of the system, including the police agencies.They work in conjunction with the Jewsmedia, and have funding from hidden sources. They lure white people into “protest”situations, which are nothing but a trap for the white protestors. The whites don’t see that they have been “led” into an ambush, so they go on in their well-meaning way and are attacked physically by much superior numbers. The whites may indeed have a legitimate cause, but being in the right in a society that is totally in the wrong still gets you a busted head. They won’t wake up to the fact that self-defense against the enemy attackers will be seen as a crime by the twisted law enforcement we have today. The victim will be jailed, not the attacker. Our people don’t wear protective gear, or carry shields against thrown objects. As they are being beaten by the scum of the enemy, they are being filmed by the jewsmedia. This will be edited, and when aired, they will be portrayed as the aggressors, and made to look like complete fools. This happens over and over, and our folk never seem to wake up to reality. I just shake my head, and move on. There indeed will be a time to fight. But the key is to fight SMART, not just blunder along following a “leader” that sticks to the same old failed ways of fighting.                                                                                                                  I have always advocated protective gear. Helmets, face shields, football shoulder pads, shields, and MUCH larger numbers. You don’t go against 200 plus scumballs with 10 marchers. Stupidity does not equate to bravery. The “leader” gets his pretty face on camera, and you get the broken head. Some “leader”. All of our people will look like fools on main stream TV. If you don’t have the ability to muster a force at least equal to the protestors, don’t go. If they have 200, you need 200. They won’t engage an equal number of our folk. They are scared of us on a 1 to 1 basis. The police can’t handle a large crowd of angry, and properly prepared white people. 10 they can, and will, handle. Wake up to reality, and stop wasting energy in foolish “protests”. If you are going to fight – FIGHT SMART!
             Pastor Steve      June 14, 2017
   Lately, we have all been witnesses to the cyber attack on all “right wing”, freespeech websites. This is the overt attack by the jew owners of things connected to the internet, This was expected. The hidden attacks, however, have been through the false flag “rallies” and the paid for violence that occurred there. White folks were once again suckered by other whites working for the enemy. I warned of this repeatedly. No one listened. Therefore, all rallies in the future may very well be traps also. Thorough vetting of the “leaders” of these events was not done, and BETTER be done for future rallies. If not, you will be hammered hard, and have no basis to whine and cry. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Get it?                                                                                                                                  Now, to the second method of attack, which is even more subtle. Scripture tells us that we will be infiltrated by “false pastors”, that will creep in, and be as ravening wolves. The method of these men will be to cause division among the brethren, and scatter the sheep of the flock of Yahweh. They are fine for a while, but then begin to cause dissension, and eventually openly attack other pastors over frivolous things. This escalates until they develop “hoof in mouth disease”, and have to be forcibly removed.  This is painful to all, and leaves bad feelings behind. The elders of an assembly must be vigilant in this, and it is an unpleasant task at best. I have unfortunately been a part of this duty recently. It was not personal, but was done to protect a major weapon in the war against the adversary. That weapon is EFR. Yahweh made EFR possible, and the elders duty is to protect it, thus we must always be on the alert. I am grieved to have to report this, and I hope the listeners will understand. Praise Yahweh!                       Pastor Steve,  August 29, 2017